Gabriel Chatman

Proud Entrepreneur, Business Owner, and Strategies for Success Alumni


Let me just jump right in with the good stuff: thank you for handing me the keys to my financial freedom. We’re not there yet, but we’re well on our way. We have a roadmap to follow, thanks to you and everyone at Jon-Don.

Most recently I attended your proforma writing workshop in Illinois, but I’ve also attended Carpet Cleaning/Water Damage Restoration, and Strategies For Success all at the Portland, Oregon Jon-Don location. The thought of sitting in a classroom for eight hours straight doesn’t thrill me, but you guys always made the time go by so quickly with your lively, fun, entertaining and informative sessions. You really are great educators.

I worked for Andrew Myer at Palm Industries/Palm Cleaning in Brookings, Oregon, for 4 years (2012-2016). He saw value in training his employees, so he paid for me to attend every one of the above named courses (including travel expenses and lodging). As I recall, many of the attendees at Strategies are owner/operators, which made me feel extra appreciative for the opportunity to attend. You guys told Andrew more than once to hang on to me as an employee. He did his best.

I started as a manager of his cleaning division, doing some restoration work and carpet cleaning, setting employee and appointment schedules, conducting interviews, handling customer complaints, etc. Once I knew enough about our processes, I moved into sales. I touched as many areas of the business as I could over that 4 year span, sponging up information as I went. Earlier this year, Andrew was getting ready to branch out to Grants Pass, and he was willing to allow me to run the new division. I decided that if I was ready to run a division of Andrew’s company, I was ready to go out on my own. That’s just what I did.

I would never have had the confidence to start my own business without the knowledge I gained working for Andrew and attending courses at Jon-Don. You, Chuck, gave me the icing on the cake at the proforma writing workshop. You and your team showed me step by step how to run a very clean, organized, aware and informed business.

A business, by the way, that is NOT a cleaning or restoration company! I run a food-delivery service with my fiancee here in Brookings called Hurry In Curry Deliveries (we live in Curry County, and there’s a saying here in our slow-moving neck of the woods: “there’s no hurry in Curry.” We beg to differ). We’re in our 10th month of operation. We’re charting growth month after month with no signs of slowing down.

Mind you, neither my fiancee nor I have degrees in business, nor have we ever run a business. That’s a true testament to the excellence of the courses and instructors at Jon-Don. I highly recommend your courses to anyone who wants to run a business with top-notch customer service and positive growth in mind! You guys helped change my life. For that, I am forever grateful.

You handed me the keys, Chuck. I hopped in and drove!

Proud Entrepreneur, Business Owner,
and Strategies for Success Alumni,

Gabriel Chatman