Online training and education for executives, managers, and frontline employees.

Why It Matters

At Violand, we believe education is crucial for success. Today’s most effective and profitable restoration, cleaning, and service companies understand it is their people who are their competitive advantage. Companies who engage in professional training for frontline employees, managers, and executives outperform and out earn their competition.

Your Greatest Asset

How It Works 

Professional education with courses separated into modules, allowing users to manage their time and focus their training. Pre- and post-testing assures learning. Courses are interactive, offer downloadable materials, and were developed by recognized subject and industry experts. Online education for today’s busy professional.

Program Outline

Courses Offered

Each course in The Violand Institute is specifically designed to provide an interactive learning experience. Courses are continually added, allowing participants to continue learning. Courses cover the professional topics of leadership, accounting and finance, sales and marketing, hiring, management, and business acumen.

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