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Chart Your Course To Success

Comprehensive business plans are the single most powerful tool to give back direction and accountability to small business owners.

Restoration and cleaning companies live in a world of unknowns. To offset this, you must control every aspect of your business. You need a plan. If you want to change your numbers, change your activities. Set a goal and chart your course to success! Every member of your company needs to know what is expected of them and how their success will be measured. Knowing the company has a goal and is following a business plan to reach that goal improves communication, understanding, and performance – not to mention your accountant’s job. Mission. Vision. Goals. Objectives. Strategies. Tactics. Profit.

If you take the time to plan your business, you’ll be helping to ensure its success.

Business Planning Pyramid

Statistics show companies that operate from a formal business plan outperform their competitors who do not. As a business owner, you need a written plan designed around your specific situation in order to keep your company moving forward in a proactive way, rather than simply reacting to the current business environment. Writing a business plan is the difference between working ON your business and working FOR your business.

Participants of Violand’s Business Planning Retreats tell us that, if they had to write their business plans on their own, they would never set the time aside to do so and it would never get done. Here’s your opportunity to gain a significant edge over your competition by stepping outside the day-to-day demands of running your company and building a focused Business Plan customized to your restoration or cleaning business. This is not a one-size-fits-all type of program. Our expert team of advisors will work with you to craft specific, measurable business objectives for the coming year along with a financial forecast that reflects the impact of the specific actions on which you’ll be working.

Imagine having the security of knowing your company has a business plan in place to handle everything the coming year throws at you. Imagine knowing that every day your entire team is aligned and working toward increased profitability and growth with accountability and a shared vision.

Create the beacon to navigate your way.

Participants of Violand’s Business Planning Retreats Receive:

  • Pre-retreat webinars to ensure you arrive at the retreat prepared and armed with valuable input from the key people in your organization
  • A SWOT and Company Analysis to provide a customized, in-depth breakdown of your current business to find gaps and opportunities
  • A well-defined marketing plan that provides sales goals, measurable activities, a budget, and strategies for the coming year
  • Major business objectives for finance and accounting, operations, sales and marketing, and human resources
  • A detailed 12-month financial forecast with benchmarking, budgeting, and a 5-year sales forecast
  • Assistance in establishing key performance indicators that provide real-time measurements and accountability of business functions to help you reach your target goals
  • One-on-one time with Violand’s trained and experienced Business Development Advisors
  • Dynamic breakout sessions that cover important aspects of your company and relate them to the current environments of the restoration and cleaning industries
  • Customizable planning and budgeting spreadsheets that allow companies to understand the true cost and impact of business decisions

Call Jeff Jones at the VMA office at +1 800 360 3513 for more details. Violand’s Business Planning Retreats qualify for 14 CECs through IICRC and 14 contact hours through RIA.


  • Violand’s Business Planning Retreats give you a break, without distraction, to work on your business instead of in it. It builds better relationships with your team!

    – Jim Woodhouse, First Response Restoration

  • Loved the whole experience, impressed with the wealth of knowledge gathered here.

    – Rita Marin, ProJan Professional Cleaning and Restoration, Inc.

  • We have attended the last four years. I believe it helped us grow together as a family/team. We were able to hash out ideas all while in a relaxing atmosphere.

    – Whitney Dixon, Master Restoration

  • Great opportunity to be with good people in a great place to help the company’s mission succeed.

    – Sharrin Rios, Ideal Restoration

  • Loved talking to others that are larger than us and getting relationships started. It’s a very good place to think about everything.

    – Gabe Matthews, Christian Brothers Cleaning and Restoration

  • To belong to a team or company you really need to understand the triangle and what’s all involved in setting and obtaining company goals and 5 year plans.

    – Shaun Breth, First Response Restoration

  • Go and learn all the things you thought you knew!

    – Gerry Rogers, Unlimited Restoration, Inc (URI)

  • If you need to get a better direction for your company, it is a must-attend.

    – Mike Adams, Amerestore

  • This experience helps to teach you how to develop your business plan, and without a plan, how can you expect to grow?

    – Kelcey Steinmetz, Rocky Mountain Restoration

  • Coming to the retreat forces you to address all aspects of your business and take the time to consider the necessary elements. Doing a business plan on your own, at least in the way it should be done, won’t happen.

    – Jenn Donley, Claria Clean

  • It was very well done. Great material.

    – Ben L. Looper, Southeast Restoration Group

  • You need to be there for the best interest of your company. We left with the feeling of accomplishment in identifying our issues.

    – Rob and Jodie Ronnenberg, Northern Clean Energy

  • It’s a good idea to come and will help you with planning, execution, and managing and motivating personnel in your company.

    – Paul D. Cyr, Mighty Clean

  • Violand’s Business Planning Retreats more than pay for themselves over and over!

    – Mike Nagy, All Clean Restoration

  • If you don’t attend you’re missing out on an important aspect of creating a solid growth pattern for your business.

    – Amy Johnson, M.A. Restoration

  • Owning a business for 23 years, I felt I was just spinning my wheels in a mud hole and not going forward. By attending this retreat it has given us a lot more details on how a company should be run. Thank you!

    – Scott Mitseff, MasterSteam

  • If you don’t plan you are going to have a difficult time succeeding.

    – Phillip Currier, Chenal Restoration DKI

  • The opportunity to work on your business versus in your business is refreshing and motivating. We did more structured business planning in the last 3 days than we have in the previous 3 years!

    – Niclas Willems, Team Terra DKI

  • It’s a no-brainer, attend! We have benefited so much from attending the retreats, growing as a company and making us better leaders.

    – Whitney Dixon, Master Restoration

  • If you are serious, really serious, you must have a plan. Violand’s Business Planning Retreats give a simple approach to developing a comprehensive business plan.

    – Jake Tesch, Guardian Restoration and Cleaning

  • Invest in the retreat and take time from your schedule and attend. It really is excellent.

    – Waylon Smith, Southeast Restoration Group

  • What I found to be most beneficial is their brutal honesty! It is helpful to have someone confirm what I think are big problems in our company that I am too afraid to admit or too scared to correct.

    – Katie Smith, CR, PHC Restoration

  • Business Owners must build a business plan and then execute. Aim at nothing and you will hit it every time.

    – Robert Young, Bartwood Construction and Restoration

  • Each year I attend I find better ways to develop my company.

    – Pedro Perez, PRC Restoration & Construction

  • If you want to run your business the right way, then go!

    – Shane Karren, ZEROREZ of Denver

  • Strenghten your business by getting invaluable input from industry pros and peers.

    – Josh Smith, PHC Restoration

  • If you don’t go, you miss a great opportunity to get a very insightful and powerful perspective on your business!

    – Ethan Harrell, Team Terra DKI

  • Ask yourself if you are really where you want to be in your business. You will love having experts in our industry to help guide you to prosperity and freedom.

    – Norma McCormick, Clean ‘N Fresh Cleaning Service

  • Violand’s Business Planning Retreats enabled us to focus on specific areas of the business we would like to improve on in the upcoming year and form effective strategies.

    – Brandon Hayes, Valor Janitorial

  • You have to know where you are to be able to grow. You need to set goals, review your goals, and make sure everyone involved is accountable and VMA does that!

    – Krysten Adel, All Brite Cleaning & Restoration, Inc.

  • Violand’s Business Planning Retreat is a must-do program if you plan on growing your business. The tools, the guidance, and the consultants all combine to make this do-not-miss event for us each year.

    – Len Hume – PCS Niagara

  • An awesome retreat for owners who need to take a look at their operations from a thirty thousand foot perspective.

    – Scott Jones, G.S. Jones Restoration

  • Violand Management provides an excellent opportunity to give you and your company a clear, concise plan to succeed in the coming years.

    – Rob Stewart, All Brite Cleaning and Restoration

  • You really should consider coming! Not only to you get away from your business so you can focus on the planning, but there is a wealth of knowledge with the Violand team.

    – Jay Stokes, Oklahoma Disaster Restoration

  • We really enjoyed the one-on-one conversations with Violand consultants giving us a new perspective, and watching our original ideas become more realistic.

    – Salvador Lara, Pioneer Restoration

  • This program gets you to look at your company from a different angle and allows you to create a plan to support and obtain your financial goals. The input from the industry experienced VMA staff is invaluable in ensuring that you remain objective in the creation of your plan.

    – Amy Prihoda, PCS-Southern Connecticut

  • You can’t possibly know where your business is going without a clear map and plan. Three days here and you will have it!

    – Meg Burdick, Burdick’s Carpet Cleaning

  • Violand’s Business Planning Retreats help you to see the guise of your business and realize what areas must be improved to be/stay successful.

    – Jacqueline Whitehead, Cape Fear Flooring & Restoration

  • This retreat will change the future of your company for the better. If you want to grow your company, you need to go!

    – Joe Donley, Claria Clean

  • Take this course. It is a must-attend for every owner and a necessary element for any business. You will learn not only about your business, but yourself.

    – Cynthia Hereth, Director of Training and Certification, Restoration Industry Association

  • The retreat was very productive and it also allowed for time to enjoy yourself or bring your wife and family.

    – Jason Karren, ZEROREZ Denver

  • If you are looking to grow your business, this retreat is imperative. It forces us to focus and plan, which would not happen otherwise.

    – Amy Johnson, M.A. Restoration, Inc.

  • The environment that is created with other business owners here gets you to think about other perspectives.

    – Scott Arkon, ZEROREZ Salt Lake

  • It is one of the most valuable things you can do to grow your business. It is very rewarding to see the major business objectives planned over the years completed and the direction the company has gone.

    – Heather Hongslo, TCM Restoration & Cleaning

  • Violand’s Business Planning Retreat is absolutely necessary to be successful in business. Every company needs to take the time to plan appropriately.

    – Jennifer Carnaghi, Chet’s Cleaning

  • If you don’t write down your business goals, they’re just wishes. This is the best way to measure your business success!

    – Krysten Adel, All Brite Cleaning & Restoration, Inc.

  • It was great to connect with other companies that are on the same level to hear about what was working and not working for them.

    – Shawn Folks, Guarantee Restoration Services, LLC

  • It’s a great opportunity to focus on planning with experts and learn from peers who have knowledge of the same industry.

    – Bill Adams, CLEAN-TEC Restoration

  • It’s extremely valuable as a business owner to work on your business, not just for your business. This retreat allows that opportunity.

    – Craig Kersemeier, K-tech Kleening Systems, Inc.

  • This is a great opportunity to look at your business without interruption.

    – Wes Williams, CJB Restoration Services, Ltd.

  • Attend. Take the time to stop and write your growth plan.

    – Barb Jackson, CR, Total Contentz

  • If you are serious about knowing your numbers, growing your business, and planning your future, then you need to attend Violand’s Business Planning Retreat.

    – Joshua Klopfenstein, Spot Out Restorative Cleaning

  • You owe it to your organization to do this for effective leadership.

    – Justin Larsen, Valley Maintenance & Restoration

  • This retreat recharged our batteries. It made us remember why we do what we do.

    – TJ Bolduc, Advance 1 Cleaning Solutions

  • You don’t know what you’re missing until you go through the program.

    – Jaclyn Carpenter, Ideal Restoration, Inc

  • Violand’s Business Planning Retreat keeps our feet to the fire and improves us!

    – Ryan Falls, Referral Cleaning & Restoration

  • Coming from a position of not knowing much at all of how our numbers work, we’ve come away feeling we have been handed the tools we need.

    – Rick Raskob, High Tech Professional Cleaning & Restoration Services

  • You cannot afford to miss this seminar. It is just too difficult to carve out this concentrated, uninterrupted time to focus on the necessary goals, direction, and changes that are needed to grow your company. This retreat forces you to take control over the direction of your company.

    – Debbie Glasnow, CBC Cleaning and Restoration

Mark Your Calendar

Business Planning Retreats


Date: December 1, 3, 15, 18, 2020


October 21-23, 2020

The Conference Center, Kent State University at Stark 
Canton, Ohio

Open to all companies


November 9-11, 2020
(for those with less than 3 years of VMA business planning experience)

November 12-14, 2020
(for those with 3 or more years of VMA business planning experience)

November 16-18, 2020
(for all levels of business planning experience)

South Seas Island Resort
Captiva Island, Florida

Open to all companies

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Kevin and Paula Casey

Jeff and Anna Heck

George Gibson

Josh and Connie Klopfenstein from Spot Out Restorative Cleaning explain what they received out of attending Violand’s Business Planning Retreat for the first time.

VMA Business Development Advisor Scott Tackett discusses the importance of holding yourself and your employees accountable at Violand’s Business Planning Retreats.

Debbie Glasnow, CFO of CBC Cleaning and Restoration, explains the importance of attending Violand’s Business Planning Retreats and the takeaways her company gets from them every year.

Tim Hull, C.R. and Violand Business Development Advisor, gives advice on how to properly collect payment from insurance companies and the importance of keeping your customer informed during a breakout at Violand’s Business Planning Retreat.