Management Development Program

Be Prepared To Lead The Field

Restoration and cleaning companies need managers who make effective decisions quickly while understanding how they will impact the culture and financial performance of the company. Here is how to develop those managers.


Violand’s Management Development Program was created to enable and empower owners and managers of restoration and cleaning small businesses to be successful in the 21st-century workplace. The curriculum is specifically tailored to the challenges of the restoration and cleaning industries and is designed to create within each participant the skills associated with results-driven management and leadership. Violand’s Management Development Program offers each participant practical, real-world concepts that will have a direct influence on his or her ability to increase efficiencies, effectiveness, and the bottom line. It will give you the tools to stay ahead of what is coming as your company continues to expand.

MDP10This program is not about soft, feel-good management theory. It’s about instructing the participants to manage for performance and accountability. Each of the 48-week, web-based classes is geared toward equipping the participants to meet and exceed the goals of their organizations. In the ever-changing and competitive restoration and cleaning industries, it is vital to an organization to develop managers who can confidently improve their company’s performance through the people they manage. Today’s workforce is extremely diversified, and a manager must understand how to relate to, communicate with, and inspire everyone from the 18-year-old kid who wants a thank you and a raise for just showing up to the experienced, stuck-in-their-ways veterans.

When the owner or manager is able to outperform the expectations of the employees, it frees the employees to outperform the expectations of their customers.

Simply put, Violand’s Management Development Program is the highest level of leadership and management training in the restoration and cleaning industries.

Enable Your Managers to…
  • Produce measurable bottom-line results
  • Make better decisions quickly
  • Make more effective use of their time
  • Be fully equipped to confidently address the day-to-day challenges of managing employees
  • Become exceptional leaders
Limited Class Size…

We limit each class to eight participants for a reason. We maximize the benefit by ensuring full participation from each student. Each class becomes a close-knit group, and each member is given individual attention. This helps us meet each student’s individual needs as well as the needs of the entire class. The grouping of both owners and managers in each class allows owners to gain insight into the frustrations of managers from people other than their employees. It also allows managers to gain insight into the frustrations of owners from people other than their bosses.

What We Cover…

Module 1: Foundations of Management

  • Time Management: More than scheduling your day in a planner or desk calendar, learn to understand priorities and execute personal responsibility. This webinar shows how to implement behavior changes to increase the effectiveness of the work day.
  • Basic Supervisory Skills: Understand the importance of the role of supervisors, focusing on rights and responsibilities. Learn that time management is not about doing more things in less time; it’s about doing the right things at the right times in the right way.
  • Leadership Essentials: Learn how to be an effective leader of people by developing solid relationships and sparking action in others. The focus is heavy on accountability in yourself and your employees.
  • Motivation in the Workplace: Learn how to approach the disciplinary procedure from a positive, not negative, perspective. By doing so, you are more inclined to solve the problem and maintain the relationship.
  • Managing Positive Discipline:  Understand what really motivates employees. Create an environment where employees want to come to work and perform appropriately.
  • The Basics of Workplace Safety: Learn the fundamental requirements to which supervisors must understand and adhere. Understand the benefits to the employer and employee as a result of an effective safety management program.

Module 2: Intermediate Management Skills

  • Fundamentals of Effective Communication: Successful working relationships are the result of understanding the fundamentals of communication. Gain insight into how to manage by walking around and practicing effective listening, not just hearing.
  • Managing for Accountability: Learn the leadership skills needed to enforce constant self-improvement, not only in the participants but ALL employees. Implement KPIs to track the cost of quality and work flow variances.
  • Resolving Conflict: Understand what turns destructive conflict into constructive conflict. Develop a plan for dealing with conflict in the workplace.
  • Coaching for Success: Learn to successfully guide employee behavior toward desired organizational results. Coaching is a supervisory activity.
  • The Power of Delegation: Learn the components necessary for effective delegation, reasons for the lack of supervisory delegation, the benefits of mastering this skill, and its importance in the workplace.
  • Performance Management: Key concepts are discussed to understand why employees behave as they do. Create a superior performance management system to improve your bottom line immediately.

Module 3: Advanced Management Skills

  • Building Trust in your Workplace: Understand that trust is the responsibility of each individual. Understand the business case for trust and the key principles that make it easier in the workplace.
  • Advanced Leadership Essentials: Work on some of the more challenging issues faced by leaders within all organizations and industries, such as developing and retaining talent, developing positive power, and transformational leadership.
  • Effective Decision Making: The best leaders make informed decisions quickly and effectively. Learn how to make the right business decisions in any given set of circumstances.
  • Team Building Skills:  Learn the skills needed for leading a high-performance work team, the difference between teams and teamwork, and how to develop, supervise , and hold people accountable.
  • Creative Thinking for the 21st Century Leader: Explore the importance of strategic and creative thinking for the 21st century supervisor. Learn how to put everyone to “work” on creativity to separate your business from the competition.
  • Interviewing Skills: Understand how to recognize the knowledge, skills, and abilities of candidates. Hire “A” level talent at all levels and retain them.

Violand’s Management Development Program is facilitated by Business Development Advisor Scott Tackett, who has a proven history of providing superior coaching on leading a high performance restoration and/or cleaning organization. For additional information, including costs, availability, and class start dates, call the VMA office at 800 360 3513 or click on the links for the brochure and registration. Management Development Program participants earn 92 contact hours from RIA and 14 CECs from IICRC.

  • One of the wisest decisions I have made since starting my business was enrolling in MDP.

    – Kent Pollard, Owner, First Choice Cleaning and Restoration

  • Scott, I wanted to thank you for leading the class. I was hesitant to do it at first, but when I found out that most people felt like they really got their moneys worth, I took the dive and took the class. The books, extra discussion, and your leadership was fantastic. It was very beneficial, and I would recommend it to anybody.

    – Paul Swartz, President, Swartz Contracting and Restoration


These classes are offered on-line throughout the year.



The Management Development Program is designed and facilitated by Scott Tackett. Scott is a Business Development Advisor for VMA and has spent over 25 years as an expert in executive and personnel development.

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