Restoration Estimating

Now offered in two formats to better meet your needs.

Better Estimates Equal Faster Payments – Online Classes

With a reconfigured class structure, this program combines schedule flexibility and remote learning to offer a format to fit everyone’s availability.

After speaking with restoration business owners, we have converted one of our most popular classes to an all-online format to better meet your needs. This decision makes one of our most valuable classes more accessible to you!

Your goal in writing winning restoration estimates goes beyond finding a number — you want to pump sales, increase closure rates, and improve gross profits. Operational goals start with a systematic scope, relying on good habits of damage documentation and assessment. We focus on helping you understand and use modern technology to your advantage.

The next class start date will be August 18, 2020. Reserve your seat today and we will notify you once a specific start date has been determined.

Win More Often – In-Person Class

Restoration Estimator training beyond software programs to help you close more sales, increase margins, eliminate supplements and negative change orders, and build relationships.

RestorationEstimating9Writing winning restoration estimates goes beyond finding a number or memorizing Xactimate codes. It involves developing and maintaining relationships with clients, insurance carriers, and adjusters. If you want to pump sales, increase closure rates, and improve gross profits for your restoration small business, you need a systematic process for building trust with the customer, accurately assessing the damage, assembling a detailed scope, and presenting an estimate that minimizes change orders and supplements.

The fundamentals and processes taught in Violand’s Restoration Estimating class are applicable for all restoration contractors providing mitigation, repair, mold remediation, and content cleaning services.

Violand’s Restoration Estimating program teaches the fundamentals of:

  • Securing more jobs and increasing referrals
  • Creating emergency and repair estimates that eliminate objections from insurance adjusters
  • Accurately pricing jobs to be both profitable and competitive
  • Identifying and capitalizing on opportunities for increasing profit margins in all trade categories
  • Speeding up insurance claim payments and navigating the red tape of working with mortgage companies

The program provides in-depth solutions and easy-to-use forms that help professional estimators take better actions, make effective decisions, and strengthen performance to boost the bottom line of the business. One such form is the Violand Scope Sheet, which allows estimators to better document and scope a loss consistently and pass that information along to others in the business.

To compete and grow in today’s restoration world, estimators need to go beyond learning the technical skills of identifying loss components and transferring data into Xactimate. Violand’s Restoration Estimating class offers the next step in professional estimating responsibilities.

Increase Sales

  • Develop complete and accurate scopes
  • Minimize price objections from customers and claims adjusters
  • Build trust and rapport with clients and claims adjusters

Increase Closure Rates

  • Build trust with customers
  • Sell restoration jobs through customer education
  • Provide timely estimates

Increase Gross Profits

  • Accurately price restoration jobs
  • Understand production contingencies
  • Minimize supplements and negative change orders


  • Damage Assessment
  • Scoping a Restoration Loss
  • Tips & Tricks for Restoration Large Losses
  • Proper On-Site Restoration Scope Documentation
  • Salesmanship
  • T&M vs. Unit Cost Restoration Estimate Formats
  • Line Items and Accurate Estimate Pricing
  • Tips & Tricks for Xactimate
  • Presentation of the Restoration Estimate
  • Negotiation Techniques with Claims Adjusters

Violand’s Restoration Estimating class is facilitated by Violand Management Director of Operations Timothy E. Hull, CR and qualifies for 14 CECs from IICRC  and 12.75 credit hours from RIA. For additional information, download the brochure here or call Jeff Jones at +1 800 360 3513. To ensure maximum learning, classes are limited to 30 students each.

  • The information was key and will enhance my business and my jobs. I am looking forward to starting new jobs.

    – Cole Borgeson, Rockefellers Restoration

  • It hit on most everything I deal with on a daily basis.

    – David Chaloupka, Five Star Restoration & Construction

  • The negotiation instruction was very helpful to me and I plan to use those techniques moving forward.

    – Brian Schraidt, Ideal Restoration

  • Informative and motivating. The tools given in negotiation are very useful.

    – Dennis Kollas, Superior Restoration

  • I will be sending all office staff and estimators to this class; it is a must!

    – Jessica Rinfret, All Pro Restoration

  • I learned multiple tips/tricks and other valuable information that will help me improve as an estimator/manager.

    – Dallas McQuillan, AAA Restoration

  • I have become a more well-rounded professional through this class as well as learned a few tricks and secrets to having a competitive edge over my competitors.

    – Michael Keiter, Yellow Van Cleaning and Restoration

  • I learned that adjusters are just trying to do their job and if they argue about one piece, hit them with another.

    – Jonathan Roberts, Disaster Restoration Experts

  • I am new to the game. I gained more useful info in two days than I could have learned on my own in a year!

    – Dan Rosencians, Simple Solutions

  • Tim is very energetic. He did an amazing job.

    – Cody Howard, The Waterworks

  • I learned many new things to help me be more productive and more profitable.

    – Scott Powers, McCardel Restoration

  • Violand’s Restoration Estimating presented a different way of justifying our estimates and scopes with a need to being more profitable.

    – Mike Nagy, All Clean Restoration

  • I found the part on keeping a professional relationship with the insurance adjuster without having to get into arguments particularly useful.

    – Brandon Perez, Clean Joe

  • This program helps keep estimators on a level playing field with adjusters.

    – Charles “Skip” Sparks, Emergency Response & Renewal

  • Violand’s Restoration Estimating can provide a foundation and processes to all skill levels.

    – Brian Brandenburg, ACR, Inc.

  • There is tremendous value in understanding what adjusters are looking for.

    – Ralph French, Skillful Improvements and Restoration DKI

  • This is a valuable program that stretched me to look at scopes and estimates in new ways.

    -–Mark Moesta, Project Manager/Estimator, Oklahoma Disaster Restoration

  • Violand’s Restoration Estimating class helped with all aspects of the estimator’s job, from initial call to the completion of the project.

    – Patrick Simon, Project Manager, First General Services of NEPA

  • Violand’s estimating class helped give me ways to increase my ability to close more jobs and the potential to raise profits.

    – Mike Williams, Sales Estimator, Swartz Contracting

  • The information presented is very powerful and can be used daily.

    – David Ludwig, Design Restoration, DKI

  • It is the next level to writing and selling your scopes and estimates to increase sales and profit margins.

    – Scott Versyp, Monroe Restoration

  • Anyone in the industry that does estimating would benefit from each aspect of the program.

    – John Palmer, Rocky Mountain Restoration

  • Violand’s Restoration Estimating program provides a very streamlined structure for doing estimates the same way – every time!

    – Kevin Selden, Billing Specialist/Estimator, Fischer Restoration DKI

  • Violand’s Restoration Estimating class gave me the ability to use industry standard nomenclature and vocabulary to be more confident speaking with adjustors.

    – Ed Dawson, Estimator & Account Relations, KleenRite

  • I learned valuable information that will improve my bottom line.

    – Ron Osborne, Owner, Osborne’s Cleaning and Restoration

  • Anyone creating estimates in our industry should go through a class like this.

    – Dan Thrush, Franchise Field Support Specialist, STEAMATIC, Inc.

  • The program showed me how to be more detailed on estimates, how to improve estimates due to the situation, and the negotiation training was the best! I feel like this can help with every job, every adjuster, or agent.

    – Chris Sninsky, Project Manager, First General Services of N.E.P.A

  • I think everyone in the industry would benefit from this training so they can reimagine how we relate to adjusters. Changing the perception that they’re the enemy benefits everyone.

    – Jamie Alderman, Fischer Restoration DKI

  • Violand’s Restoration Estimating is a valuable program that stretched me to look at scopes and estimates in new ways though great scenarios, good role-playing, thought-provoking questions, and awesome class participation.

    – Mark Moesta, Project Manager/Estimator, Oklahoma Disaster Restoration

Online Class Brochure 

Upcoming Classes:

Online Class
August 18, 2020


Violand’s Restoration Estimating program is facilitated by Timothy E. Hull, CR. Tim has over 15 years’ experience developing professional estimates and working with adjustors and is the Director of Operations at VMA, he specializes in personnel and business development.

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