Summit Courses and Diploma

The Setting

The Violand Executive Summit is the only college-level accredited management and leadership development program tailored specifically to the restoration and cleaning industries. Our partnership with Kent State University and Kent State University at Stark’s Conference Center allows VMA to provide a unique approach to adult education.

Kent State University at Stark’s Conference Center is one of the premier technologically-advanced conference centers in the US, pairing well with the exceptional quality of The Violand Executive Summit’s content and faculty. The Conference Center is accredited under the most stringent guidelines of the International Association of Conference Centers (IACC) and is a world-class learning facility with state-of-the-art technology and wireless capabilities to compliment its fully equipped business center.

The Curriculum

ExecutiveSummitDiplomaVioland Management and Kent State University have partnered together in this program to reward participants who dedicate their time and resources to furthering their professional development. That is why graduates of The Violand Executive Summit receive a Diploma in Small Business Management offered jointly by Kent State University and Violand Management Associates.

Unlike earning a traditional college degree in business, The Violand Executive Summit focuses our curriculum on the specific skills you and your management team need to execute the highest levels of management and leadership specific to small businesses in restoration and cleaning.

Courses are divided into four categories: leadership, human resources, sales and marketing, and finance. After completing one course from each of the categories (with one being a finance for small businesses course or an approved high-level equivalent finance course) and any four electives, participants are eligible to graduate at a ceremony held at the end of the Executive Summit each year. Each course is a full day and only two courses can be taken each year, so it takes four years to complete the program and earn the diploma. This requires commitment, just like that needed to lead and manage an emergency service-based small business.

The Courses

Examples of Courses Previously Offered

  • Managing the Generation Mix – Learn how to bridge the understanding gap between generations and highlight strategies for communicating with members of each group
  • Branding for Powerful Success– Discover the secrets used by America’s best companies to build and leverage a brand for organization growth
  • Attracting/Retaining Talented People – Learn how to apply strategies in your organization that will help to ensure employees are focused on the corporate mission and challenged with producing outstanding results and competitive advantage
  • Raging Profits/Fearless Numbers – Understand in plain English the science behind financial documents and how to use them to make effective and profitable decisions
  • AccountMap™ Account Strategy Workshop – Capture secrets on how to gain new and profitable business in restoration and cleaning through a proven and effective sales strategy
  • Fully Engaged– Explore how staff and leaders can create increased positive energy, passion, and engagement, both individually and organizationally, to achieve a work/life balance
  • Interpreting Personalities – Gain an in-depth understanding of your team’s psychological preferences in order to develop more productive work teams and build closer relationships
  • Negotiating Effectively – Understand the science of working toward win/win resolutions using a set plan and roadmap for getting what you want, every time

Every course presented is facilitated by an expert who has experience instructing owners and managers of emergency service small businesses. They are customized to an adult learning environment, and each instructor takes a hands-on approach and utilizes class participation. Participants will leave with defined action items to implement in their business immediately to provide serious business impact.

For more information on courses offered at this year’s Executive Summit, contact Jeff Jones at 330 966 0700 or outside the US at +1 800 360 3513.