Write Your Own Story

A Networking and Motivational Program Bringing Together Top-Performing Women in Restoration and Cleaning to Examine Current Opportunities for Growth by Helping You Discover the “Why” Behind Your Story.

Writing Your Outline

It’s important to begin the process by determining how you want your story to end. Where will you be? What steps are needed to get you there? Take ownership of your story to reveal what makes you come alive and why you work so hard to serve others and yourself.

Choosing Your Characters

You know who you are by the company you keep. Recognize how the personal relationships in your life influence who you are and where you will go. Move beyond social networks and rediscover the joys of having a strong cast of characters involved in your story.

Bringing Your Story to Life

Your life, like any good story, will have peaks and valleys. Instead of focusing on the lows, embrace the highs, and celebrate your accomplishments as a woman, a leader, and a servant to those in need within our industry. Let your defining moments shape who you are.

While every story is beautiful, make yours your favorite.

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Inspire Confidence ∙ Celebrate Each Other ∙ Achieve Results
Find Your Why ∙ Recognize the Struggle and the Success
Be Proud ∙ Be Focused ∙ Be Heard


Date: June 16, 2021
Time: 12:30-5 pm
Location: Canton, OH
Cost: $199
Seating is Limited and the Program Includes a Light Lunch


For more information call +1 800 360 3513


Michelle Blevins joined the Restoration & Remediation team as Editor in Chief in April of 2015. As a journalist and writer, Michelle has learned the true key to successful publications is relationships. With a passion for education, she has created valuable, lasting relationships with many in the restoration and cleaning industries and leaned on their knowledge and expertise to educate R&R’s readers through their monthly magazine and multitude of other online avenues.