Violand Management Associates (VMA) offers a collection of articles, videos, and recommended reading materials to help you understand and grow your restoration or cleaning business. VMA believes that individuals grow companies and not the other way around, so the key to ensuring sustained profitable growth is through continual learning and development.  New material is frequently added to each group of educational resources, so be sure to check back often.

If you have an idea or a question about your restoration or cleaning business that you would like one of the Violand Business Development Advisors (BDAs) to answer in an upcoming article or video, please reach out to us through our Contact Us page or call our office at +1 800 360 3513. We are always looking for interesting executive, management, and business development topics and appreciate your input.


A collection of articles that have appeared in trade magazines over the years and are written by Violand BDAs discussing a variety of topics related to owning, managing, and improving the performance of restoration and cleaning companies. Topics include leadership development, hiring, restoration sales and marketing, accountability, and more. Click to view Articles.

Monday Morning Notes

For over ten years, the president of VMA, Chuck Violand, has authored a weekly inspirational and educational series titled Monday Morning Notes, currently received by over 1600 individuals in the restoration and cleaning industries. Each week alternates between a quick-read essay on a topic involving growing a small business and/or developing as a professional, and an inspirational quote. To sign up for the Monday Morning Notes series, Click Here and indicate in the message box that you would like to be enrolled in this free publication. Click to view Monday Morning Notes.

Recommended Reading

A rotating list of books and articles VMA recommends to owners and managers of small business restoration and cleaning companies about developing professional skills and business acumen. Click to view Recommended Reading.


A sampling of videos involving advice on owning and managing a small business restoration or cleaning company as well as descriptions of Violand programs and events given by both VMA advisors and participants. Click to view Videos.