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Because you deserve the restoration and cleaning business of your dreams and are smart enough to know hiring us will get you there faster without all the headaches.

It’s About Better Execution

Restoration Business ConsultingOur restoration and cleaning business advisory services are the foundation for everything we at Violand Management do to help business owners and managers grow their companies and create additional profits. We are the largest and most respected consulting company in restoration and cleaning. Our approach to working with our clients is personal and individually designed to fit their specific needs. We don’t simply perform a quick evaluation of your company, identify a handful of problems for you to tackle, and then wish you luck in resolving them. Instead, we work with you one-on-one every step of the way as you execute strategies to profitably grow your restoration or cleaning company and help you manage the results and overcome obstacles that arise from implementing change.

That’s why we developed our unique, three-point Sustained Profitable Growth™ approach to working with companies. Using this approach solves business issues and develops the professional and managerial acumen of key individuals to grow restoration and cleaning companies, creating a greater business impact. This allows us to offer more effective solutions to business problems, using performance and tracking measures to address the root causes of the problem, rather than the symptoms.

It’s About People

We understand the complexities of growing a small business. We’re also intimately familiar with the unique challenges entrepreneurial personalities bring to running their restoration and cleaning companies. That’s why we take the approach we do in working with our clients, both as business consultants and as executive coaches.

The emotional makeup of an entrepreneur and the strengths he or she brings to the company are far different than those of a seasoned corporate manager. By getting to know you and your company before we engage, we are able to tailor our consulting program to fit your personality, your specific company, and your specific needs. This helps us understand the complexity of you and your business’ issues in order to deliver more impactful solutions and superior value. VMA offers direct, one-on-one executive coaching by using highly trained and accomplished executive coaches, the same ones used by Fortune 1000 companies. No other consultancy in restoration and cleaning can provide this service, and it’s more affordable than you think.

It’s About Relationships:
  • We take a team approach to working with our clients. All of our consultants have considerable experience in business from a broad range of professional disciplines prior to joining VMA. Our expertise in Sales and Marketing, Finance, Operations, Human Resources, and Leadership Development allows us to place the experience and insights of our entire team at your fingertips. You don’t just work with one consultant. At VMA, we provide experts in all areas of your business.
  • We offer advanced, customized solutions. Sustaining profitable growth in business requires more than quick fix “solutions” or sales kits. It involves understanding the market factors that drive profitable growth and then capitalizing on them. It involves having the right people doing the right things to effectively execute the strategies. It involves a business leader who has developed the skills, talent, and confidence to lead a growing company.
  • We take a personal interest in our clients’ success. Because of the time we take getting to know our clients and their businesses, we’re better equipped to know them as individuals, to offer more precise and actionable counsel for their businesses, and to address the underlying emotional, relationship, and sometimes family issues that can dramatically affect business performance.
It’s About Solutions

Business growth is not found through gimmicks or one-size-fits-all consulting models. Successful companies have mission and vision statements defined by core values that the owner and employees understand, believe in, and use to make key decisions. They have a detailed and written strategic plan charting the course toward growth with accountability and tracking mechanisms. The roles and responsibilities of every individual in the company are well defined, and each member of the team is an “A” player more interested in promoting the vision of the company than their own personal agenda. Project managers and estimators are trained not just on software systems and technical issues but on profitability and professionalism. The sales force has a comprehensive marketing plan and is aligned and working hand-in-hand with operations. The cash flow is consistent and predictable because the company uses best practices and KPIs. The result is sustained profitable growth and a better professional and personal life for the owner. We can help you with all of this.

Violand Management President and Founder Chuck Violand describes it best: “Teaching someone how to clean a carpet or dry a structure is ‘paint by numbers.’ A basic training system will do that. Developing business leadership and management skills is not. While there are tools and systems for marking the progress of a company, there is no ‘system’ for teaching someone to lead or to press on through the fears that changing one’s behavior can create. It takes time and trust.”

If you are ready to implement advanced, customized business solutions for your restoration or cleaning business to accomplish your goals, give us a call. Let’s talk. VMA has helped countless numbers of companies, and we can help you. There is a reason more owners of restoration and cleaning companies of all sizes work with VMA. Call our offices at 330 966 0700, or outside the US at +1 800-360-3513 for a sales-pitch-free, no-cost consultation on your business.

Violand Management Associates – Developing People and Profits

Rob Stewart

  • We are exposed to and learn from some very informative consultants. We are also able to network with other individuals in our industry where creative thinking leads to development of strategies to implement in our business.

    – Amy Prihoda, Professional Carpet Systems

  • Violand Management always does an excellent job. Great information.

    – Robert Stewart, All Brite Cleaning and Restoration Inc.

  • If you are needing to improve your organization and structure to create more profits, then you need to be consulted by Violand Management.

    – Jason Karren, Zerorez of Denver

  • If you want to be successful, you need to surround yourself with other successful people. Violand is the best in the business!

    – Katie Smith, CR, PHC Restoration

  • With the rapidly changing environment we are in it is well worth it to have someone in your corner helping to guide our efforts and keep us focused on the goals and not on the obstacles. Violand Management keeps us focused with an independent, outside view of our course.

    – Evan Labrum, President, Henderson Restoration and Cleaning

  • Cleanfax and Violand Management Associates have enjoyed a long partnership and the disaster restoration industry has benefited from this immensely. Chuck Violand and his capable crew know what it takes to help restoration contractors better manage their companies and how to increase profits. If you need consulting, management tips, or some of the great advice found on the new and improved Violand website, don’t hesitate to take advantage of this industry resource.

    – Jeff Cross, Senior Editor, Cleanfax Magazine

  • Working with VMA has been invaluable. We always feel that the partnership with VMA has been with our unique best interests in mind and we have never felt that we are getting a "cookie cutter" approach to the business. Working with VMA has helped us take our business to the next level and saved us a huge amount of time and money. Their partnership has helped us continue to grow our company.

    – Jennifer Donley, President, Claria Clean

  • Chuck and his team have proven to be the resource I’ve leaned on when needing advice and/or insight into Admin, Operations, HR, and Sales/Marketing. They always go the extra mile and have become trusted friends.

    – Rob Villars, President, Advanced Restoration Services

  • There are many "consultants" in our industry, while there is only one "Violand" - Chuck is truly unique in his approach - and his success is your success when you partner with the VMA team. Thank you Chuck for all you do in serving us.

    – Jon Fields, President, RestorePro, Inc.