Kent Rawhouser, A&J Specialty Services

Testimonial: Customized Workshops

AJLogoWe just completed a two day facilitated off-site retreat with that very title and I was blown away when we finished. So, let me put this in perspective:

The current team I have the honor to work with every day is pretty amazing: an industry professional with over 20 years’ experience and a never ending energy; a new comer who is so fired up that in two months she has rocked our business; an analytical, process-driven, bottom-line aware operations person making great headway; an industry related veteran that is always ready with a smile and “that’s what you hired us for”; and a retired airline pilot with wisdom and perspective that I could only have dreamed of having on my team.

And you ask “Why”? Why would you need to do an off-site retreat with a group like this?  Great question. Easy answer – I don’t want to screw things up!

When I introduced this idea to our team I said this: As I was thinking about this team I came up with this analogy: A luxury stage coach with a team of thoroughbreds supplying the propulsion and I get to hold the reins and guide the trip. The challenge when holding the reins is getting every thoroughbred to pull their very best and all in the same direction. If one gets distracted and pulls a little to the right the team slows tremendously. Thus, before we get off track let’s get on track.

So, we got together and built some (more) trust, learned about who each of us really are, a little of why we do what we do, laughed, teased, discussed hard things and made a critical decision all in two days. And I feel that’s just the beginning of what those two days will produce. We are about to complete our business plan for 2013 and forecasting to 2017 – I can hardly wait to hear what this team wants to do.

As a business owner of 28 years this was by far the greatest experience I have ever had with a team that I get to work with every day. Our challenge now is to develop as a team and come together to reach goals I never thought I could reach….but then again I’ve never had a team like this before!

Kent Rawhouser – President of A&J Specialty Services