Doug Trumbell, Doug’s Mighty Clean

Testimonial: Partnering with VMA


I would like to think I am somewhat Hector, not out of ego but out of the lessons in his message. That is one of the reasons I still enjoy “getting out in the trenches”. It is fun to see how people judge me by my uniform shirt and the fact that I am cleaning their carpets. The ones that pre-judge me (that they are better than me) are the ones I feel sorry for. I know we are all the same in God’s eyes. Those are the ones I try to reach out to when the situation allows, to break the ice and speak with. Usually by the end of the 1-5 minutes I am able to spend with them we get the “better than you” attitude behind us. Not always, but usually. It is very rewarding.

Those that don’t judge me by my clothes are the ones I also like to spend a moment or two with. This is one of the reasons I LOVE what I do!

Now that I no longer let my company run me, I can choose when I get in front of a customer. I especially like to do it when things get stressful. An hour or two cleaning a carpet “grounds” me, and the stress I thought I was feeling is gone! You and your team helped me to finally run my company, instead of it running me. Thank you for that!

Your Friend,

Doug Trumbell, Owner – Doug’s Mighty Clean