Margret Huebner, Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Testimonial: Sales Force Development

I have been emailing with (course attendee) Mike recently as he checks on me periodically. Since sharing with him how I have been doing, I figured giving you an update might just put a smile on your face for the day. One of your students has made progress and is coming out from behind the preferred spreadsheet.

I have stopped getting sick, sweaty hands, hives and stressed out over the whole thing. Honestly I have started enjoying the adventure and celebrating even little things as I improve and do something new. First off due to my sales efforts, (husband and co-owner) Richard has agreed to change our company name. We are doing a dba of Commercial Cleaning & Restoration, see new logo below. Yea.

I have accomplished joining a Farmers agent luncheon group, I placed an ad in their newsletter and have attended 2 lunches, introduced myself as well as exchanged cards with each attendee. I am waiting for my new business cards to arrive next week and each of them will get a visit from me. I’m not scared to do that at all now.

Completed 1 presentation to an All State insurance office, did lunch with 2 Farmers office owners. I have chosen not to do cold call route visits for now, but what I have done is ask for insurance agent referrals from everyone I know or have met and used that to begin communications. I have also taken our restoration jobs where an insurance company is involved and used that to introduce myself to the agents and office. That is how I got to do lunch with the Farmers agents.

Sales Results:
1 $10K restoration/repair job from a plumbing company where I have become friends with the woman owner. Yea.
1 $15K mold/remodel bathroom job referred to us by another complimentary service company.
1 referral from a Farmers agent for water damage, although it didn’t turn into a job as the HO decided he could do it himself. But it was one of the agents I just met in the Farmer’s lunch group.
Several cleaning jobs from contacts made in my groups, as I am educating people better and asking for referrals.

My newest victory is being asked to join CREW – Commercial Real Estate Women, where you must be asked to join and have a sponsor. I was invited to attend something last night and had a great time. No nausea, sweating or stuttering. I exchanged business cards and wasn’t afraid at all to introduce myself as the evening went on. They asked me if I would be interested in joining and will be giving me the application. Yea! I have wanted to join this group for a long time.

You’re going to crack up about this next one, but I joined a women’s golf group EWGA – Executive Women’s Golf Association. The EWGA exists to connect women to learn, play and enjoy golf for business and for fun. Cool huh, I love trying to play golf and now I will really learn for work… How cool is that?

Once I get into CREW I am done trying to join groups. I will be busy and working my opportunities to the fullest.

My sales efforts are concentrated to 1 to 2 days a week, and after hours activities. Richard is a great supporter and even bought me my own set of golf clubs.

I am looking forward to seeing my sales stats at the end of the year for all my new efforts.

Later alligator!

Thank You,
Margret Huebner, CFO
Commercial Carpet Cleaning